Suggested Cosplay Streams

I figured after the article about cosplay streaming that I made here, I feel like I should also share some cosplay streamers that I’ve watched and learned from! 😀 Gotta share that love!

  1. AtomBombBody – While Atom streams mainly gaming, she also does a lot of costuming! She does primarily armor and prop building, and she’s hilarious to watch!
  2. GoingApeCostume – An award-winning costumer, Going Ape has some crazy builds! She works with all types of materials and loves showing off her craft!
  3.  NotaHepburn – This lovely gal streams when she can. but it’s fun to watch her draft her patterns and create them!
  4.  AngiViper – Another awesome lady who games, cosplays, and also does unboxing videos! She’s a lot of fun to watch and interact with!
  5.  StarlitCreations – These two are some of my best friends, so I love supporting them. They share cosplay, gaming, and also items they’re making for their store!
  6.  StellaChuu – A very well-known cosplayer, who streams when she cans! She does gaming, costuming, and loves to just hop on and chat as well!
  7.  Maridah – Another very well-known cosplayer! This gal can create anything (I swear) and does game once in awhile! She’s exceptionally talented at patterning and loves sharing her techniques!
  8.  Serephita – This gal is not only a cosplayer but a serious gamer! She likes sharing her techniques when she can on cosplay streams and loves interacting with people!

Have other cosplay streamers you want to share? Please link in a comment below! I love adding more to my list and I’m sure others will as well! 😀

About Yunie

I am a cosplayer, a nerd, a geek. I am whatever you call me. However, I have a brain and tend to use it.
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