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Hellraiser-Inspired Make-up/Cosplay Tutorial

This tutorial was created by Courtney Little Makeup and is definitely a more intense one! The final look is absolutely amazing and would be perfect for any horror fan for Halloween! 😀 Hope this helps! 😀 Advertisements

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New Fabric Resources for Sharing!

I realized I hadn’t shared new resources in quite some time, so I figured I’d rectify that situation! 😀 I found a couple of fabric sites I hadn’t shared before, so I checked them out! Fabric Wholesale Direct – The … Continue reading

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Interview with Huxxley Costumes and Rhetoric

It’s time for another interview, this time with Huxxley Costumes and Rhetoric! He’s an international cosplayer from Canada, who enjoys making props look as realistic as possible! What’s your cosplay alias and why did you choose it? Huxxley Costumes and … Continue reading

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Overwatch’s Tracer Goggles Tutorial

This cosplay tutorial is a fun one! It teaches you how to create Tracer’s goggles from Overwatch and was created by Axceleration! Hope this helps! 😀

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Guest Post: Steff von Schweetz’s Why You Lost The Costume Contest

Instead of reiterating everything here, I’ll just say that this piece is something everyone who competes in the cosplay community NEEDS to read. “While people have different motives to enter a costume contest/masquerade at a convention, one thing is for sure: … Continue reading

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Starlit Creations Review

First and foremost, yes, these ladies are friends of mine. However, I really am a fan of supporting businesses and giving reviews so you know what you’re potentially buying. Seeing as how they run a small business with a lot … Continue reading

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Beetlejuice Make-up Tutorial

This make-up tutorial is pretty awesome! Created by KnastyKnucklesFX, this is to help create an amazing Beetlejuice look! Hope this helps! 😀

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