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Cosplay Budgeting: How I Made Marishka from Van Helsing Cheaper

This year, my friends at Starlit Creations and I decided to finally make Dracula’s Brides from the Van Helsing movie and we tried to all help each other out as we could with doing it cheaper. I figured I’d share … Continue reading

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Denver Pop Culture Con 2019 Review

The first major change showing in this review that I’ll state right off is the name change. Due to the issues with San Diego Comic Con claiming a trademark on the “Comic Con” title, what was Denver Comic Con changed … Continue reading

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Convention Hotels: Tips for Budgeting

Now while I could immediately start up with the whole… fill your room past capacity and split the cost part, we’re not going to do that. ; P Conventions usually have a list of hotels working with them that have … Continue reading

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Interview with Ita-Dere

It’s time for another interview, this time with Ita-dere! She’s a lovely cosplayer from the Pacific Northwest in the United States, who enjoys creating group cosplay with friends! What is your cosplay alias and why did you choose it? My … Continue reading

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Arson Victims from Anime Los Angeles

This year’s Anime Los Angeles unfortunately made the news after a man decided to stalk a cosplayer and then set fire to her vehicle and those surrounding it. Happily, no one was injured, but the people whose cars were damaged … Continue reading

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End of 2018, or Close Enough…

This year was a bit slower for me, as I had a busier work schedule and less time to sit and focus on many costumes. Instead, I actually tried to focus on photoshoots for costumes to allow me to get … Continue reading

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Advertisement for Yunie’s Designs

I haven’t done an ad on here for awhile without an actual review involved, but hey, it’s that time of the year and well, it IS my blog. ; P I run an Etsy store where I sell hand-made jewelry, … Continue reading

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