Female to Male Crossplay Make-Up Tutorial

This tutorial was created by Vilya0 and teaches you how to do female to male crossplay make-up! :D

Female to Male Crossplay Make-up Tutorial by Vilya0

Female to Male Crossplay Make-up Tutorial by Vilya0

Click to enlarge! Hope this helps! :D

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New Wig Resource!

I found a new site today, but have never ordered from it and its various “break down” pages listed. Soooo, I asked for opinions about the site from those who had!

Dolluxe.com – This site has various styles of wigs, ranging in colors, lengths, and styles. The prices are about average in comparison to other major wig sites, with free domestic shipping for most of the U.S. Shipping is otherwise about normal for everywhere else.

Cosplayer Reviews:

I’ve purchased from glw (Gothic Lolita Wigs) a few times. They’re not bad but I got one of their bouffant wigs that had a weird musty smell. Other than that no issues. Love the lashes too.”

I’ve purchased from them and good quality on the wigs. Just sometimes they don’t have the style I want or they are sold out.

LOVE their stuff. The fibers are beautiful.

In my opinion, it’s overrated and overpriced :x

Thanks for the input, everyone! :D It’s good to get information from those who have bought their items, lol!

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Painting a Prop with Rhinestones Tutorial

This tutorial was created by RuffleButtCosplay, and is super simple to follow! It teaches a neat trick to change the color of a prop, while protecting the rhinestones from the paint!

Painting a Prop with Rhinestones Tutorial by RuffleButtCosplay

Painting a Prop with Rhinestones Tutorial by RuffleButtCosplay

Click to enlarge! Hope this helps! :D

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Facing Facts on Tree City Comic Con

With the success of all the various comic conventions popping up everywhere, it’s always best to research where the money is potentially going. Or double check guest announcements. Why? Conventions are getting more and more expensive, so you want to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth, and that it isn’t potentially a scam.

Up in Idaho, there are actually quite a few conventions popping up. Anime Oasis and Fandemonium have been around for over ten years now, the latter happening August 1st through the 3rd this year. Now, there is a convention attempting to grow from their examples called Tree City Comic Con. Unfortunately, there are so many “iffy” aspects of it, that it’s not a convention starting off on the right foot at all.

We’ll start off with one of the simpler pieces of the puzzle. On May 30th, Tree City announced Nicole Marie Jean, a very well known U.S. cosplayer, as a guest on their Facebook page. As of June 16th, in a private email screen-capped and sent to me, she made it clear she had no knowledge of being a guest there, or the fact her image was being used without her consent. If it has been cleared up since then, I don’t know, but with all of their big guest announcements, I’d be curious who else isn’t actually going.

They’ve also claimed to be connected with Salt Lake City Comic Con, another convention who has had huge success within their first few years. Kevin Hansen, the head of Tree City Comic Con, claimed to have worked for them, when all SLCCC has done was rent AV equipment from him. While there were no issues between the two, SLCCC has made it clear they wish to dispel the rumor because they’re not associated with Tree City AT ALL. Again, this was all shown to me via screen-capped emails.

The final nasty piece? Kevin Hansen is being tried for theft, and you can see the story here. I cannot find any new information on it all, so I’m not sure if the case has been closed or if continuances have been granted to cause it to not continue to trial just yet. Either way, it’s something that would make me wary to throw my money at this con.

Needless to say, it’s best to take a look on everything and make a decision before dropping cash on something like this. There are so many comic conventions now, that I’d hate to see people disappointed and potentially getting scammed, when we have so many options to attend. Be aware, take note, and think about it before jumping on the boat.

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Custom Fabric Pattern Tutorial

This great tutorial was created by Kapalaka, and teaches you how to create your own pattern on fabric! :D

Custom Fabric Pattern Tutorial by Kapalaka

Custom Fabric Pattern Tutorial by Kapalaka

Click to enlarge! Hope this helps! :D

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“Your Hate Fuels My Cosplay”: A Rant

There is a trend of t-shirts being sold and worn that state “Your Hate Fuels My Cosplay”. Now, while it’s meant to be a more uplifting message about ignoring the haters, it bugs me. A lot. It feels like the people wearing these shirts care more about what people think about them, instead of enjoying the hobby.

Cosplay is something meant to be fun, an artistic celebration of something you enjoy. No one’s nasty words towards you should influence what you make. It can be motivation, and that’s understandable, but “fueling your cosplay”? No. Just, no. That should be you, and only you, doing something you enjoy.

Our community needs to stop caring so much about being judged, whether by inside or outside the community. I’ve been doing this for over ten years, and for the first few, I fellinto the trap of 4chan and various sites that did nothing but put down cosplayers. It took me time, but I understood that their opinions did not matter. If I’m not having fun and enjoying my hobby, then I should quit. I shouldn’t be doing this to prove myself to anyone. Nor should you.

So while this message of “Your Hate Fuels My Cosplay” is meant to be a positive outlook on a negative situation, we really shouldn’t be caring about the haters. Let people run their mouths. Let them say what they want. You are you. You are having fun. And their opinions? They don’t matter.

EDIT: If you’re a fan of the shirt, the creator has asked me to link them as well, which I’m more than fine with doing. Because contrary to what some people “read”, I do agree with the message. I just disagree with how some people are using it more as an antagonizing device instead of just ignoring said hatred and judgement tossed their way, WHICH IS THE INITIAL MESSAGE HERE. So, before jumping down my throat or anyone else’s, including the creator, read the post. Form your own opinion. Go from there.

In the end, we want positivity in the community. Not more bickering.

Lastly, here’s the store where you can purchase a shirt of your own if you so wish!

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Red to Black Lip Make-up Tutorial

This make-up tutorial teaches you to create a red to black gradient on your lips! It was created by PuchysLove and is a simple tutorial to follow!

Red to Black Lip Make-up Tutorial by PuchysLove

Red to Black Lip Make-up Tutorial by PuchysLove

Click to enlarge! Hope it helps! :D

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