Guest Post: Arda Wigs Review

This awesome guest Arda Wigs review was done by IchigoKitty! 😀 Hope you enjoy it!


In recent years, Arda Wigs has established themselves as one of the top go-to wig sellers for cosplayers in America. They have decent prices, great color selection, and decent wig selection. They strive to provide wigs with a larger wig cap, for those that have trouble finding wigs large enough to fit!

I would love to share my experience with Arda Wigs and their products!

My first Arda Wig was Magnum Long in their light blonde color 013. I love the spacious wig cap in this style, and the fiber type is great for shorter, choppier styles. It makes it really easy to style. I didn’t do much styling at all for this wig, and photos of me wearing it can be seen here:

I absolutely love Arda’s color selection, which is one of the reasons that led me to buy my next wig from them: Le Tigre Long in 027. This ginger blonde color is the hardest color to find, and Arda’s was perfect for my costume of Kirino from Ore no imouto ga konnani kawaii wake ga nai. The Le Tigre wig is a very straight wig, which I think can lead to being a little harder for me to personally style. I find myself wishing there was at least a little bit of curl to the ends of this wig. However, the length and lack of bangs makes it an ideal base wig for a lot of styles. It also is decently thick, and heat resistant. I would suggest taking advantage of the heat resistant fibers when styling this wig! Your bangs and everything else will end up looking nicer. I like how the fibers don’t have an unrealistic shine to them, like a lot of wigs do.

The most recent wig I’ve purchased from Arda is their Jeanne wig in black. Since most updo wigs have extremely small wig caps, I appreciate Arda providing one that’s larger. I do think it is too large, however, it seems to be a bit larger than their other wig’s caps. Arda has suggesting using this tutorial for taking in the Jeanne wigs: The wig is very thick and the bangs are plentiful, you just might have to do a bit of adjusting in order to fully enjoy this wig. For my particular Jeanne wig, I actually combined another black ponytail with Arda’s black ponytail, so it’s much larger.

There are a few suggestions I have for Arda: I’d love to see a long style with long bangs that has a slight bend at the bottom (similar in style to Fantasy Sheep’s base wigs), and a style similar to Le Tigre Long that has a skin top center part! I think you may benefit from having those styles. ❤ And I’d also love to see the updo wigs with slightly smaller wig caps!

In short, I find Arda to be a wonderful wig seller that’s very cosplayer friendly. They’re always looking for new colors and new styles, which I love. Their color selection is very unique and useful! I sometimes find that their style selection doesn’t have what I need so I have to end up buying somewhere else. I like the fiber type and the larger wig caps. I also like how thick the wigs are! I would definitely suggest them as a place to get your cosplay wigs from, so if you haven’t tried them out, give them a shot!

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